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(Since Apr 14th, 2002)

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31 Mar, 2003:  A new script uploaded to the VBScript page today, for spellchecking contents of the Windows clipboard.  There are several other new scripts on that page also -- check it out.

A milestone of sorts, today I increased the number of digits displayed in the page hit counters because the VBScript page is about to exceed 100,000 hits.  Considering the counters were reset to zero a little less than a year ago, that is a kick for me.

As a side note, my hit counters only count one unique hit per I.P. address per page in a 24 hour period, so refreshing the page or going to another page on the site and returning does not increment the counter.  Many sites count all such hits, which does not really give a valid number for monitoring number of visitors.  If I were using the more common method of counting all page requests the number would be 2 to 3 times higher, at least.  For comparison, the site has had 231,506 "Page Views" over the past year.

16 Jul, 2002:  All page counts were reset due to database corruption <sigh>>; &ngsp;I manually set page based on counts from server log, but those counts only go back to 04/14/2002.

14 Dec, 2001:  Several modifications to scripts on the VBScript page, one new script, and a revision to the appearance of that page.  On the Odds & Ends page, a cool Windows XP System Restore tool.

24 Sep, 2001:  Wow, I have been totally negligent about this page.  Looks like I have done nothing in the past year!  I started a new job with IBM in Boulder last December, and that limited my free time (or available energy, at least) for awhile.  Actually quite a few new scripts on the VBScript page, plus additions to the Odds and Ends page.  The site is really in need of a complete restyle -- I never have cared that much for the current theme, but...

04 Nov, 2000:  Added a script to the VBScript page.  This script allows easy FTP upload of files for maintaining your web site.  Also added an entirely new page with a collection of my favorite Windows Tips and Tweaks.

28 Oct, 2000:  My hosting company had a major problem with this server resulting in the site being down for serveral days.  This resulted in me having to restore the site, which was not too big of a deal since I keep several backups, but some variable data like page count and guestbook entries reverted to where they were a week ago.  Hopefully WebStrikeSolutions learned some valuable lessons there and has implemented a better catastrophe plan.  They have been excellent up to this point in all regards.

16 Oct, 2000:  Minor tweaks mostly.  VBScript page now includes small text counters to record views/downloads for each script, and new function to expand or collaps all topics.  Added one script.  Navigation button for the page you are on does not show (even though I use the same Include file on each page).

07 Oct, 2000:  Completed revisions to my VBScript page.  If you use Internet Explorer 4 or higher, you will see that each topic can be expanded or collapsed to save screen space.

28 Sep, 2000:  Wrote an ASP counter script for the site (see lower left of this page).  Will try to put it into a package for free download when I have time to document it.

21 Sep, 2000:  ASP GuestBook is working.  It includes minor revisions I did to a kewl script from

18 Sep, 2000:  Initial set up of domain.  Free domain name from, and 12 months free domain hosting from  What a deal!


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